Service Department


We are a full-service bicycle store with skilled and trained mechanics for all your repair needs. Whether you purchased your bike here or elsewhere, our service department will take care of all your needs.

Overhauls - Complete Disassembly, Lube, GreasePrice
5-30 Speed Road/ATB $120.00
Single Speed $100.00
Tandem/Recumbent $140.00
5-30 Speed Road/ATB $65.00
Quick Tune-Up (tweak, lube, air) $35.00
Tune-up with cables $95.00*
* Doesn’t include parts
Service MenuPrice
Tube/Tire On Bike $12.00
Tube/Tire Off Bike $8.00
Adjust Deraileur $12.00
Replace Shift Cable $18.00
Adjust Brake $12.00
Replace Brake Cable $18.00
Install/Remove Pedals $8.00
Minor Wheel True $18.00
Major Wheel True $25.00
Box Bike For Shipping $75.00 (min)
Remove/Install Cassette or Freewheel $12.00
Clean Drivetrain $60.00
Install Computer $12.00
Install Computer with Cadence $15.00
Change Battery/Reprogram Computer $6.00
Assemble Shipped Bike $60.00 (min)
Hourly Shop Rate $70.00
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Breakaway provides excellent service! I couldn't be any happier!!


June 20, 2016

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Zach and Shannon provide great customer service, and go the extra mile for their customers. No need to go out of town to any other bike shop. They have anything you could want for the sport of cycling. Thank you for everything you do for Miami county and surrounding communities!


June 20, 2016