Donation Request

Thank you for considering Breakaway Bicycle & Fitness Shop (BBS) for support of your organization or event. Because BBS receives hundreds of requests for donations and sponsorship annually, we have established a few guidelines and criteria for evaluating such requests. Please understand that if we cannot fulfill your request, it is not a reflection on the quality or value of your project, but instead is a reflection of the sheer number of requests received as compared to the available resources.

Please review the guidelines outlined for each program. Once you have reviewed the guidelines, complete the online form appropriate for the category of your event, based on these guidelines. We will evaluate every request that meets the outlined guidelines and will give you a response within 30 days of your request.

Deadlines for requests:

• Event Partnership – at least 6 months prior to the event

• Donations/Sponsorship – at least 90 days in advance of need

Please remember BBS is very limited in its the ability to support additional promotional/philanthropic opportunities, even if the request fulfills the established criteria.


I would like Breakaway to consider becoming a partner for our annual event.

I would like to request a donation/sponsorship for my event/organization.